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Everything DISC Client Certification


We run both Public and In-house courses. We conduct the Accreditation as a public session as well as an in-house programme when companies have a greater need to have a few of their staff (to HR and Line Managers or Internal Trainers) certified. In an in-house session, we are also able to customise the session to the specific application of the company.

Other times can be arranged with you if these dates don't suit. One on one accreditations are available by arrangement.


• Confidence and credentials to conduct Everything DISC® sessions?
• An immersion in the Everything DISC model and the newest DISC® research?
• In-depth knowledge of DISC and the Everything DISC?

Then the Everything DISC Trainer Certification is for you.


There’s only one of me to go around— this Certification helped me to see how many different ways I can use Everything DISC in my organization.”
Instructional Designer

I learned much more than I anticipated—even the research and validity was presented in an interesting, easy-to-follow, concise manner.Executive Trainer

This is the first training session in quite some time where I wasn’t bored or clock watching. Credit to content and facilitators! Everything DISC profiles. You’ll learn the theory to help you understand how to interpret the Everything DISC circular model. And, you’ll get a high-level overview of the tools available in the Everything DISC facilitation materials. Finally, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Everything DISC through group presentations and a written exam.HR Manager

There is so much more we can do with Everything DISC than we could with DISC Classic. The opportunities we have now to build DISC into long-term plans for organizational improvement seem endless!Global Talent Manager




Because each session requires pre-work, you must register through Fortuna International Ltd, your Everything DISC Authorized Partner by the registration date indicated below.




Session Dates

Registration Cut-Off


Jan 28th - 29th 

Jan 21st  2020


May 14th - 15th

May 1st 2020


July 9th - 10th 

July 1st 2020


September 15th - 16th          

September 1st 2020





Session Dates

Registration Cut-Off


March 12th - 13th                                 

March 1st 2020


November 26th -27th

November 1st 2020



In house Certifications are available by arrangement. Please contact us to arrange a package for you.

Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations, travel, and lodging expenses.

Cost $1995.00* per person plus GST - Group discounts apply.

The fee for certification includes the following; class materials, practical exam, lunch both days. Attendees are responsible for all other expenses.

Class Materials Include everything you need to get up and running.

+ An EPIC site to generate your own reports with some credits
+ Your own Everything DISC Workplace profile:
+ A Resource Manual

+ Samples of:

• Comparison Report
• Supplement for Facilitators
• Facilitator Report
• Group Culture Report
• Team View Report

Starter Packs: Build your resources saving hundreds of dollars with one of our starter packs, made up for your specific needs. Please contact us for details.

Refresher Courses Available

Refresher package $995 plus GST.

If you were accredited in DISC prior a few years ago and would benefit from learning about new profiles and developments such as adaptive testing, now used in assessments , why not attend the accreditation to refresh your knowledge and skill set. If you are DISC accredited in any form of DISC other, call us to see if you are eligible for our refresher price. Proof of accreditation is required to take up this offer.

Questions and Registration

If you have any questions or to register for an upcoming session, please contact Fortuna International Ltd, your Everything DISC Authorized Partner.

Fortuna International Limited
Building 10 level 3
666 Great South Road
Auckland 1546


DDI: 09 488 7447

Postal Address

Fortuna International Limited
P O Box 51 575
Auckland NZ 2040




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