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Compatibility Communication System (CCS)

The Compatibility Communication System, or CCS, is a powerful and versatile communication tool specifically developed to increase organisational productivity by improving the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings.

At the heart of the CCS are sets of image cards, known as vision packs.

The cards contain a specially selected collection of photographs, illustrations and words. Participants are asked to select image cards from vision packs that they believe best represent a particular word or topic. As they share their ideas they are compelled to communicate openly and honestly and to encourage the same from those around them.

By varying the topics and activity formats, the CCS can be used to bring clarity and enjoyment to almost any corporate or social meeting.

While the use of imagery as a communication tool is not new, the CCS is developed around a unique and proprietary image selection criteria, known as the common image communication concept. Refined over a period of more than a decade, the combination of the common image concept and the CCS methodologies is believed to be the key factor in the system's profound effect on face-to-face communication.