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DiSC Workshops

The DiSCĀ® Classic presents a plan to help you understand yourself and others in a specific environment. You understand your behavioral profile and identify the environment most conducive to your success. At the same time, you will learn about the differences of others and the environment they require for maximum productivity and team work in the organization.

DiSC® is used for a wide variety of purposes including:

• Team Building
• Leadership Development
• Problem Solving

We also provide additional diagnostics for:

• Leadership Development
• Coping & Stress Profile
• Personal Listening
• Innovation
• Time Management
• Managing Work Expectations
• Sales & Customer Service

Sales, Customer Service & Negotiation Training

We provide standard and advanced sales training courses which can be customised for specific focus areas. A strategic selling course for experienced salespeople is also available.

We provide customised customer service programmes to help companies build a customer focused culture.

We recommend that all levels of an organisation should attend these courses which develop ongoing action plans that are applicable in the organisations day-to-day work environment. We recommend a maximum of 16 people per course for these programs.

We also offer a negotiation skills course to create and maintain sustainable business partnerships which is available in a two day format. We recommend that all sales, purchasing, client management and employee relationship personnel of an organisation attend this course.

Strategic Business / Planning Facilitation

Strategic and/or Business Planning Facilitation is available in either a one or two day format depending on the size and requirements of the organisation.

The Facilitator is highly experienced with multinationals both locally and overseas.

We provide an excellent process to develop:

• Strategic Plans
• Business Plans
• Functional Business Plans

At the end of the session as part of the process, Fortuna provides a document of the agreed plan outcomes.

• DiSC® Accreditation & Workshops (Why become accredited?)
• DiSC Accreditation Training

We are New Zealand distributor for all Wiley publishing products which includes the DiSC behavioural model. We are also approved master trainers for DiSC Accreditation.

We provide distance learning accreditation programmes, which, depending on group numbers and location can be at a very cost effective rate of return.

Leadership Development

We offer customised leadership programs which includes a leadership diagnostic and indoor/outdoor activities.

The program covers areas such as

The relationship between leaders and followers; identifying four dynamic areas that capture a leader’s attention in his/her environment; discovering 12 key ways that leadership may be demonstrated; gaining insight into identifying leadership needs at different times and places; how you can contribute to a group's success.

We can accommodate large or small groups.

Team Building

We offer customised team building courses which involve indoor and outdoor experiential learning. They are available as half day, one day or longer courses depending on the clients needs.

We can integrate this into a wider event such as Strategic Planning Sessions, DiSC® or MBTI® Workshops, Sales & Customer Service Training, Annual Company Meetings etc. All Team Building is translated into action plans relating to the organisation's workplace. We can work with large groups or small teams of 8-12 with one facilitator.

Management & Personal Development

We provide customised management and personal development programs either on an individual basis or group basis depending on the organizations needs.

These programs are likely to include the following:

• 360 Degree Feedback
• DiSC Personal Profile System®
• Leadership Development
• Presentation Skills
• Coaching & Counselling
• Performance Management
• Managing Innovation
• Financial Management
• Community Development in Business
• Interpersonal Skills
• Individual Development Programs

Compatibility Communication System (CCS)

The Compatibility Communication System, or CCS, is a powerful and versatile communication tool specifically developed to increase organisational productivity by improving the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings.

At the heart of the CCS are sets of image cards, known as vision packs.

The cards contain a specially selected collection of photographs, illustrations and words. Participants are asked to select image cards from vision packs that they believe best represent a particular word or topic. As they share their ideas they are compelled to communicate openly and honestly and to encourage the same from those around them.

By varying the topics and activity formats, the CCS can be used to bring clarity and enjoyment to almost any corporate or social meeting.

While the use of imagery as a communication tool is not new, the CCS is developed around a unique and proprietary image selection criteria, known as the common image communication concept. Refined over a period of more than a decade, the combination of the common image concept and the CCS methodologies is believed to be the key factor in the system's profound effect on face-to-face communication.